J.L. Kiappes

J.L. is a U.S. National Science Foundation Predoctoral Fellow and Lincoln College Senior Scholar studying for a DPhil in Biochemistry and PhD in Organic Chemistry. His research in the group spans both fields, synthesizing novel iminosugars and characterizing their biological activities with an aim to elucidate iminosugar structure-activity relationships. Working alongside collaborators both within the group and abroad, his candidates are tested for inhibition of various enzymes, efficacy against HBV, HCV, dengue virus and BVDV, as well as therapeutic potential for lysosomal storage diseases.

As a Skaggs-Oxford Scholar, J.L. completed the first portion of his thesis work at the Scripps Research Institute, working in the group of Prof. K. C. Nicolaou. There, he completed a synthesis of the carboline-disaccharide domain of the marine natural product, shishijimicin A. Before starting his doctoral work, he obtained his B.S. in chemistry from Rice University. During his undergraduate, J.L. worked with Prof. Jim Tour on the synthesis of molecular machines.



  • Synthesis of the Carboline Disaccharide Domain of Shishijimicin A; K. C. Nicolaou, J. L. Kiappes, W. Tian, V. B. Gondi, J. Becker; Org. Lett. 13(15), 3924-3927 (2011).
  • Synthesis of Fluorescent Dye-Tagged Nanomachines for Single-Molecule Fluorescence Spectroscopy; G. Vives, J. M. Guerrero, J. Godoy, S. Khatua, Y.-P. Wang, J. L. Kiappes, S. Link, J. M. Tour; J. Org. Chem. 75(19), 6631-6643 (2010).
  • Synthesis of a Porphyrin-Fullerene Pinwheel; T. Sasaki, A. J. Osgood, J. L. Kiappes, K. F. Kelly, J. M. Tour; Org. Lett. 10(7), 1377-1380 (2008).

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